¡@16 June 2011

2011 Art Taipei Forum!

¡§2011 ArtTaipeiForum¡¨ (previously named as ¡§Asia Art Economy Forum¡¨) will take place August 27-August 29, 2011 in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC, Room102) which is one of the most important art conference integrates academic with practical viewpoints worldwide today by designing two major themes-¡§Intellect Art¡¨ and ¡§Creative Business,¡¨ introducing the multiplicity of contemporary artistic creation in terms of form as well as content and providing an interdisciplinary perspective crossing from art to technology.
In this three-day forum, experts in the arts field will share their insights about the future of contemporary art market with regard to the current economic climate. First 100 applicants can get 10% off and two free tickets of Art Taipei 2011. The register date will be launched soon. Please keep in up-to-date with us.

¡@09 June 2011

Press for Art Taipei Facebook Fan Page!

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Once Facebook fans are over 500 people, free tickets will be given out for randomly selected fans. More promotion will be discovered once you become Art Taipei fans!

Do you know Art Taipei will hold an online preview this year? Do you know Art Taipei will launch its iPhone application this year?

Just press ¡§Like¡¨ and you will discover the amazing Art Taipei 2011 !

¡@19 May 2011

Art Taipei 2011 Forwarder Announcement

We have appointed Transworld Express Co., Ltd as our shipping and handling company. Transworld Express Co., Ltd, a worldwide professional airfreight forwarder, provides service together with its overseas partners throughout 400 cities around the world.

1. Exhibitors under the arrangement of Transworld Express Co., Ltd can be declared under the name of ART TAIPEI. Under the name of ART TPE, neither customs deposit nor duty tax is needed to pay during Taiwan inbound customs clearance.
2. Transworld Express Co., Ltd possesses exclusive period and priority in delivering Exhibits to booths.
We recommend their use but if you wish to select your own shipper please liaise with Transworld Express Co., Ltd, as detailed below.



Joseph Lu / Vice General Manager
TEL:886-02-2748-3311 ex 310 ¡@¡@FAX:886-02-2748-3310

Ruby Wu / Customer Service

TEL:886-02-2748-3311 ex 104 ¡@¡@FAX: 886-02-2748-3310

¡@28 February 2011

Application for Art Taipei 2011 is now closed

Application for Art Taipei 2011 is now closed. The selection procedure will be processed during March.The decision on admission as an exhibitor shall be made by Art Taipei 2011 Selection Committee and will be announced in the beginning of April. Thank you very much for your application.Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry.

ART TAIPEI 2011 Executive Committee
Taiwan Art Gallery Association
RM.6, 7F., No.27, Sec.3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Tel ¡G 886-2-2585-0382
Fax ¡G 886-2-2585-0383
E-mail ¡G info@art-taipei.com